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Tuesday 1/17/2017


Tuesday 1/17/2017

Challenge starts Tomorrow so GET SIGNED UP!
**We will be starting and tracking points as of next Wednesday the 18th.
**You need to be measured before then BEFORE working out. You can get that done with a coach any time from now until then.
**Cost is $20/person. half of whatever is gathered will be donated to the Greater Lowell Food Bank Open Pantry. The other half will go to the winners.

Please open and read the breakdown for the challenge. Nutrition and Fitness Challenge 2017

If you are still wondering if you should do this…. I challenge you to first think about WHY you even come to the gym??  Just going to class will never be enough to get you to where you want to be.  Changing eating and lifestyle habits are very hard so why not do it with some support!  There is no next time or do it later, now is the time to make a real change! You can do this

emom 10
Snatch deadlift + power snatch + 2 OHS

30 Turkish Get Ups 15/each arm NFT