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Wednesday 1/18/2017


Wednesday 1/18/2017

Challenge starts TODAY!  Yes you can can still get in on things so get your butt to the gym and so get
**We will be starting and tracking points today so make sure you read the rules and points listed in the attachment below
**You need to be measured before then BEFORE working out. Come in early today and let your coach know.
**Cost is $20/person. half of whatever is gathered will be donated to the Greater Lowell Food Bank Open Pantry. The other half will go to the winners.

—>Please open and read the breakdown for the challenge. Nutrition and Fitness Challenge 2017

Time to stop wondering and just go with it.  Looking for everyone to get in on this together and have a great time with it.

Day 1 of challenge
baseline workouts:
1. 7 minutes to build to max power clean

2. For time
Power cleans @ half bodyweight