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Thursday 6/11/2020


Thursday 6/11/2020

Hey guys. Well we are still waiting on word from the state to resume class indoors, but we will be moving to start running some outdoor classes beginning Monday June 15! So any equipment that was borrow please make arrangements to return some time this week.

Few things you can expect while we get things going.

1. Yes you need to wear a mask when you are coming in the gym to grab equipment/ setting up etc. No you will not need to wear the mask to work out as long as we maintain the 12 feet distance

2. Classes have to capped at 9 people per class. You will have to register on wodify for the class prior to the class. (I’ll give separate info about this later)

3. You can’t share equipment

4. I suggest investing in your own yoga mat if you don’t already have one. And chalk.

5. You will at this time have to wait outside the building before class starts where your coach will brief on the workout that day. At that point your coach will allow people in the gym systematically to grab their piece of equipment

6. Please leave any bags or extra gear in your vehicle

7. Once class is done we will return equipment back in the building in a similar fashion it was taken out. There will be spray bottles for cleaning and disinfecting. Please do not go crazy and use 57 paper towels on 1 piece of equipment.

8. If you have been sick, have a temperature or anything of the sort do not come in.

I do not want this to sound like a harsh bunch of rules and I want everyone to have an enjoyable time. This is simply for the time being what we have to do to be able to get back to things.

Every aspect of this will be constantly open to revisions as we work through things. Nothing is set in stone. You can still work out at home if you don’t feel comfortable coming in as well. As classes fill we can look to add more or change if things need to be.

As it stands right now our best bet for useable space is the parking long of the school but that may also be workout specific and change accordingly.

I will be putting up more info as we move along the next few days. I want as much as you to just go back to normal but this is the first step and we will get there.

*Class times (as of right now and subject to change)

Monday-Wednesday 530am/9am/445pm/6pm

Thursday-Friday 530am/9am/530pm

Saturday 800am/9:15am

*Equipment drop off times. Pleas keep it until this weekend if you need it through then.

Thursday 3-6pm

Friday noon-3pm

Saturday and Sunday 11am-1pm

If you need a time outside of that just let me know and I will make it happen. Please wipe down stuff before bringing it back as well.

Thank you again for being understanding through this. If you have any specific questions please send me a message. Thank you all.

Schedule today:

CFM forum wod brief at 9am

Yoga class on Zoom at 5:30pm

Class today:

5 Rounds for Time

50 Double Unders

14 Deadlifts at bodyweight

25 Abmat Sit ups