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Thursday 3/19/2020


Thursday 3/19/2020

***Just a reminder: Make sure you join the CFM private member forum for video breakdowns of the daily workout and warm up routines. This will also be the place to post your results, share your workout photos and ask questions about scaling***

Any current members please request to join. Yes you may have to make a Facebook account, but this is our best outlet for interacting at the moment.

1) Tabata set of superman Holds

2) Bent Rows 10×10 reps

-Ideal position is in supine grip with a bar or dumbbells. But anything you have can be used here.

3) Half Kneeling Shoulder Press 10×10 each arm

4) 5 Sets Not For Time Alternating sets of:

4 Turkish Get Ups

20 Russian Twists