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Saturday 9.30.2012


Saturday 9.30.2012

Yes class is on for 8:30 be there early!! We have a rain location set up. Fieldtrip!

Today we do FUN.   CrossFit as we have proclaimed it to be is the ‘Sport of Fitness’.  Within that realm of big PR numbers, worrying about who came in first, who has the best abs, wondering why someone else did better than you, etc I think many of us have lost sight of the joy of sports and what we are really doing.  WE ARE WORKING OUT WITH OUR BUDDIES!  That’s it.  Be thankful you’re alive and enjoy it with good people and have FUN!

Remember when you were a kid with no reservations, didn’t give a damn how you looked to other people and just went out and had blast.  Well we are bringing that back with this WOD!  The idea burst into my head today and I couldn’t think of a better day to do it than Kelly’s birthday.  ** If you have any balls we can use for the game please please bring**


“CFM Dodgeball”

Buy In: 25 kettlebell swings & 25 push ups
If you are hit with the ball on even minute: 20 kettlebell swings to get back in
If you are hit with the ball on odd minute: 20 push ups
If you catch a throw from opposing player give them 20 kbs or 20 pu