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Monday 1/11/2016


Monday 1/11/2016

Today we start on another Paleo Challenge and I hope that all of you join in on this journey. You will never get to where you want to be in the gym or where you never thought possible without first getting this squared away in the kitchen. 
Lets get one thing straight right off the bat… This is not all about weight loss! The transition to a healthy Paleo lifestyle can and will help improve everything from your skin, sleep, mood to your training performance and ultimately body composition. 
So for the next 30 days you will fight temptation and old habits and by the end of this I hope you will find as I and many others have that you don’t “NEED” those things in your life any longer. Those of you on the fence and not convinced “it’s for you” I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and look at this as an experiment for the next month. You will never know until you try.
—–>What is Paleo?? Read the nutrition section of the website and we will be uploading more information shortly to both the member forum and on the website.
Paleo = Meat, Fish, Eggs, Veggies, Nuts/Seeds, & Fruit
NOT Paleo = Grains, rices, breads, pastas, beans, soy, sugar,  dairy, all PROCESSED/ refined food.

****Big change this year will be that we are not collecting money, and there will be no winner.  What I want from all of you is to do the challenge for yourself and that alone.  Build a better you because you want to not because you could win a couple bucks

1) Photos: take at home this weekend to see visible progress changes
2) Body Measurements: chest, waist, hips, thigh, arms.   These need to be done before you workout so whatever class you are coming to please try and get in early enough for the coach to take your measurements.
3) Paleo Challenge Baseline workouts:
1) 20 Rep Max Back Squat
**use your number from this past week.
2) For Time  (cap 5 minutes)
Kettlebell Swings  70, 53
Rest 15 minutes
For Time  (cap 5 minutes)
Kettlebell Swings  70, 53
*3 & 4 to be done Tuesday

3) Max Spit Jerk

4) Max reps Hand Stand Push Ups 

5) Pick a personal development goal to measure. ie max handstand pushups, max overhead squat, pullups etc.. Get this done at some time in the beginning of the week if not enough time to do in class.

4) Daily Points…
5= no cheating. perfect paleo all day
4= a tiny portion of a meal was non paleo
2= a whole meal that was non paleo
0= more than a whole non paleo meal OR any alcohol.
+2 for attending class AT CFM & POSTING RESULTS TO THE WEBSITE.
+2 for 8 hours of sleep (actual 8 continuous hours)
+1 for 7 hours of sleep
+2 for drinking half your body weight in ounces through the day
+1 for 15 minutes of mobility before WOD
+1 for 15 minutes of mobility after WOD
+5 for completing the weekly bonus wod at CFM.  New bonus wod comes out Saturday and must be completed by Friday to count.