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Friday 4/3/2020


Friday 4/3/2020

***Just a reminder: Make sure you join the CFM private member forum for video breakdowns of the daily workout and warm up routines. This will also be the place to post your results, share your workout photos and ask questions about scaling***
Any current members please request to join.

*******Join us this Friday night at 7pm for a CFM cocktail hour starting at 7pm on zoom. Be sure to check in the CFM member forum for link details!

1. Hip Thrusters 10-10-10-10-10 AHAP

2.No Rest Between Sets:

Tabata Sit Ups

Tabata Glute Bridges

Tabata Reverse Goblet Lunges

Tabata Plank Hold. Alternating Knee to Elbow. (touch same side)

Tabata Russian Twists

Tabata V Ups