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Wednesday 3/1/2023


Wednesday 3/1/2023

This week will be our last week of this years open! As we have always done lets send the open out with a bang. Be sure to join in this Saturday for the 23.3 Throwdown. We will not be doing the open workout this Friday unless you cannot make it Saturday.

Saturday there will be NO regular class at 8:30am, we will plan to start heats at 10am. The gym will be open by 9am. Come in and warm up on your own as we will not be running a normal class format that day. Once we run through all the heats be sure to hang out for the festivities. I will bring the grill and plan to cook up a bunch of burgers. Any other food you’d like to add feel free. BYOB.

This is always one of the best events of the year simply by the energy it brings. So we hope to see all of you there to crank that volume up.

1) Back Squat 3×5@70% 3×3@80%

2) Push Jerk 2-2-2-2-2