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Wednesday 2/10/2016


Wednesday 2/10/2016

So today was the last of our 30 days for this years Paleo Challenge! I wanted to say well done to everyone that committed to sticking with this. I know that I saw many of you make some great progress in the gym. Hopefully you can see now just how big the correlation is between what goes on in the kitchen and what the results are on the white board are. So keep that same dedication in mind as you move on from the challenge. The results you want don’t happen by accident, it’s not luck and you are the only one that can make it happen.
Don’t forget that we need to redo your measurements tomorrow or in the next couple days. Take your after photos and be sure to get your butts in the gym for baseline retesting!
Great job guys. Share your thoughts, progress, photos or whatever else you liked/disliked from the past 30 days

Baseline 1
‘Double Freddy’
For TimeĀ  (cap 5 minute)
Kettlebell Swings 70, 53

Rest 15 Minutes

For TimeĀ  (cap 5 minutes)
Kettlebell Swings