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Wednesday 10/9/2019


Wednesday 10/9/2019

The 2020 Crossfit Open kicks off this Thursday. Make sure you get registered online at
This is always a great time to test yourself and to put some more meaning behind all the hard work in the gym. This is really also just a great time to come together as we will all be doing these hard workouts for the next 5 weeks every Friday. If you need to you can always make up an open wod on Saturday at open gym or Monday if need be.
Make sure to submit your scores!!!! RIGHT AWAY #johnmartin.
Saturday November 9th we will be doing an end of the open send off and getting a big group together for the final wod and cookout to follow.
So if you’re thinking about signing up-do it.
If you’re on the fence-do it.
If you think you’re not “in shape” enough- do it.
Just have fun, challenge yourself and maybe even surprise yourself. 😉

1) EMOM 12

3 Power Cleans + 3 Push Jerks

2) Build to max Power Clean & Push Jerk