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Thursday 9/10/2020


Thursday 9/10/2020

Heads up for this Saturday. One class at 9:15.

I know many of you already signed up for the CWK5K and anyone else is welcome to sign up. All proceeds benefit the Tewksbury Food Pantry. You can also still just run with class for fun. You can record your results for the race virtually through Strava. Get in touch with Keith Menslage for any more details on that.

As if that wasn’t enough reason to come down this will be Anna Stenberg last Saturday class as she is heading off to grad school in London. So be sure to get in and give her your best and hang out after class. We will all be sad to see you go but happy for you Anna.

class will be all outside and anyone is welcome to join. Any questions just shoot me a message. 👍

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