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Thursday 8/3/2016


Thursday 8/3/2016

1. Back Squat 3×7 @ 80%
2. 5 Alternating Sets
10 Weighted Sit Ups
10 Weighted Pull Ups

Want to thank everyone that was involved with the Reardon Throwdown this weekend. We had 70 people compete, lots more in in the house and we raised $1,500 for some very awesome suicide prevention resources!
In particular thank you to Keith Reardon for not only bringing these causes to our attention but for sharing your story with everyone. This event was obviously close to me since Keith is one of my best friends but I think once he shared the how and why we were all there it came home for everyone in attendance.
I mentioned Saturday that what we do as a community matters. Generosity, kindness and determination are infectious. You show that everyday in the gym and it shines on days like this. I could not be more proud to call of you friends. Continue to be the change you want to see.
Please see more and follow Keith’s continued journey at…/…/509422