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Thursday 11/19/2020


Thursday 11/19/2020

Hey folks, hopefully you all received the email that was sent out Wednesday afternoon regarding some recent covid developments that hit close to home.

I went out myself and got tested today. Will be waiting to hear back the results on that and have another test scheduled for Friday to just double check results. There will be no in person classes at the gym the next few days and Thursday the gym will be getting cleaned and aired out fully. I will be posting at home workouts on the website while we get this hopefully sorted out. You will get details on updates as they happen.

Personally I feel great, had a few really good workouts this week, Anna gets tested all the time from coaching at Boston College and was tested this past Friday and Monday of this week, both being negative. So we will see what happens with things and make some decisions when we have more information on hand to move forward.

In the mean time be sure to get out and get in some fresh air when you can, hit the home workouts and keep everyone posted on how you do on them! Thank you all yet again. Any questions on anything please reach out.

This has been some kind of year and just need to keep doing what we can to make the best of it. Thanks ✌️

At Home WOD

5 Rounds for Reps

1 Minute Jumping Air Squats

1 Minute Burpees

1 Minute Sit Ups

1 Minute Rest