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Monday 12/1/2014


Monday 12/1/2014

1) Squat Week 1:
5 @ 65%
5 @ 75%
5+ @ 85%
5p @ 65%
5p @ 65%
2) 5:00 AMRAP:
10 Wall Balls
25 Double Unders
Today begins the our next wave in strength progress.   The foundation of this program is built on the following four anchors:

– Use multi-joint exercises (we’ll be using the squat and bench press)
– Start too light (the first month of our numbers are based on 90% of our 1RMs)
– Progress slow (don’t get greedy; follow the program)
– Strive for Personal Records often (PR your “rep” maxes on the “+” sets)

The priority of each day’s training is digging deep and going for a maximum number of reps with solid technique during the “+” set. This allows you to set a “rep PR” on every training day.

The max rep “+” sets will be followed up with two sets of pause repetitions. On both the squat and the bench press, lower the bar under control, pause (but don’t relax) in a tight and active bottom position for a full 1-2 seconds, then accelerate the bar back to the top with as much speed as possible.

If you happen to miss a day when the squat or bench press strength work is assigned, make it a priority to make up the work during an open gym time before class.

If you have not yet downloaded the excel sheet that I posted last week DO IT NOW —–> CrossFit Merrimack Squat and Bench Spreadsheet  Input your max numbers and everything is already done for you so there is no excuse to come in and not know what you are doing!