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Monday 1/20/2014


Monday 1/20/2014

It was a great weekend!   We had 4 great athletes representing CFM at CF Free’s competition this weekend.   Everyone worked and prepared hard and it was great to see that show.  Proud of all of you.   Special congratulations to our girl Kristin who climbed on top of that podium and took 1st place!
This is something that I shared on facebook but wanted to do so here as well.  I received a text message this morning that not matter how the day had gone it would have been a good day.
” Can I just tell you… I’ve already lost a FEW pounds…. And clothes that were tight a couple weeks ago are loose now!!! Can’t wait to see what happens in a couple more weeks and moths actually!! Thanks for not making me feel like a moron!! You do a great job Coach Bob! “
THIS is why I do what I do. The CrossFit Games are awesome and working with elite athletes is rewarding in its own right, but there is a whole wide world of nurses, firefighters, plumbers moms and dads who are just looking to get healthy. If you got into this industry with any other motivators of money or building your own grandeur etc you sadly missed the big picture.I was once myself the person on the other side of this message. At some point we all were. We all hold a responsibility at CFM and beyond those walls to help one another along the way. Sometimes it is as simple as a high five after a hard fought lift or waiting around and cheering on a new athlete who’s finishing last.

” Life’s most persistent and urgent question is ‘What are you doing for others?’ ” -Martin Luther King Jr.

** Regular schedule all day **
Double Under
Sit Up
Front Rack Lunges: 1 each leg 10 sets  *from squat rack