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Monday 1/14/2019


Monday 1/14/2019

CFM Nutrition challenge starts today! Don’t forget to get measured before you workout some time at the beginning of this week.  Remember guys keep this thing simple. Eat real food, not too much and mostly plants.

Don’t forget about getting your BINGO cards and have some fun with that! Once you have 2 bingos completed on your sheet you can turn it in to be part of each weeks prize drawing.  You also have the weekly bonus wod that needs to be completed by Saturday to get credit for.

Each day remember to log your daily points on the board, don’t let them build up.  We are all in this together so any questions please ask. Good luck everyone you can do this!

weekly bonus wod
with a partner:
4,000m row for time switch every 400m.

Nutrition challenge baseline:
1) 5 rep max TnG power clean
2) In 10 minutes:
50/40 calories bike
-then in remaining time up ladder of-
2 DB GTO 50, 35
1 Burpee to plate
*increasing DB by 2 reps each round alt arms each rep, burpees increase by 1. score total reps