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Monday 11/16/2015


Monday 11/16/2015

The last couple days have been crazy to say the least. Situations in France, Lebanon across this country and here at home.
The CrossFit community lost a great individual yesterday.  I personally never knew Pat, only of him.  What I do know is that his strength and incite in the face of what was laid before him should be inspiration to all of us.
When we strip away the fact that back squat prs and 6 pack abs mean shit without the friends to share it with; when we pull back from being engulfed in our own self, our own world of problems and gain perspective from above it all.  When we do that we can begin to really process Pat’s words.  To know for certain you just celebrated your last birthday is something none of us can comprehend.  What if you were like one of the people in France that didn’t even know it was your last birthday?
My point being it is easy to lose sight of that big picture, get bogged down with the everyday worries and miss out on all the good and all the great people around you.  This gym is full of those great people and I for one am thankful for that group. Things like our Christmas party coming up let us reconnect and that is really what these holidays should be about, nothing else.

In closing I will leave you with these words taken from one of Pat’s last posts.
“So do me the honor of living your life like you really mean it. Go out and conquer your goals, do things that you’re a little scared of, make awesome memories that give you cool stories to tell, and love, love as much as possible, freely and genuinely. Love people, love activities, love scenes and ideas, and material things, and songs, and just love as much as you can. Enjoy your life you only get one, and value your time, you never know how much of it you really have.”

Please read Pat’s full post here
1) Build to Max Front Squat
2) 3 Rounds, Rest 3 minutes between rounds
90 Seconds Max Distance Row
60 Seconds Max Burpees
30 Seconds Max Kettlebell Swings  53, 35