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Monday 11/10/2014


Monday 11/10/2014

Come out and be a part of the CFM Christmas party this year.  Mark your calendars for Saturday December 13 starting at 5:30pm at Finn’s Pub in downtown Lowell.
Just like before we are asking people to bring a food item; dessert, main, or app.. And, no, it does not have to be paleo. Please post here if you planned to bring anything so that other people can coordinate accordingly.
Your significant others and friends are invited as well!

Overly classy attire is strongly encouraged.

We will be doing a Yankee Swap with a $15 max. This was a huge source of laughs last year and I want to see EVERYONE participate. Get creative!

Front Squat 4×3 @ 85%
10 Rounds for Time
10 Wall Balls (20, 14)
10 Pull Ups
~post results to comments